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Ollis Law is now TLP Advisory!

Business Law and Advisory

Starting or expanding a business can seem like a daunting, yet exciting task. The way your business is structured is a great determining factor for business success. In order to succeed, it is important to get it right from the start. So many people have bright ideas but only a few are able to bring the idea to fruition and turn it into a respected successful business.

At Ollis Law, we work with startups and entrepreneurs and provide guidance from the promotion and incubation stage, through registration and setting up and even for the first few months or years. We also work with small and medium businesses looking to expand, rebrand or restructure their business. We provide our clients with the legal advice needed to take their business to the next level as well as cutting-edge advice on various transactions including joint ventures, partnerships, cross-border trade and foreign investments.

Almost all businesses need Intellectual Property protection and we are positioned to offer you proper advice and counseling on your IP issues. We’ll also assist you with any contracts you’ll need for employees, affiliates, partners, clients, vendors and service providers.

If you need fractional in-house legal services or constant guidance for a period of time, we’ll be able to offer our services to you for the period of time you require. Simply put, we’ll be a member of your team, working with you as a partnership to actualise your dreams.