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Ollis Law is now TLP Advisory!

Patents and Designs


A patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention that prevents others from making, using or selling the invention. Patent rights are granted for a limited period of time, granting the holder exclusivity over the invention. In an increasingly competitive market, having a patent leverages the most value for your invention and thereby increases the value of your brand.

Our patent team advises and assists clients and attorneys from around the world with filing PCT applications for foreign inventors who wish to enter the national phase in Nigeria and other African countries.

Our services in this field includes:

  • Preliminary advice on patentability and filing strategies

  • Patent searches

  • Filing registration applications

  • PCT applications

  • Filing patent annuities


Protecting your designs are vital to the successful commercialisation of your products in today’s world where consumers have an increased priority on the look and function of the products they purchase. In effect, the design of your product or packaging is a great determinant in the consumer’s decision to purchase. Therefore, when you’ve painstakingly created a design that is loved by consumers and associated with your product, it is important to protect the design and reap the benefits of your creativity.

Our design team can assist you with:

  • Preliminary advice on filing strategies and what type of IPR will afford you your design the best protection

  • Advice of design registrability

  • Filing registration application

  • Filing renewals

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